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Looking For Way To Setup Hotel Like Wifi


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I have a network that has some static IP "appliances" that need internet connectivity I also have about 10 APs that I use to connect PCs via DHCP.

What I am looking for is an open source server that I can use to create a hotel like wifi connection. For example when someone connects to wifi they will need to authenticate through a website with a number/password and then they can browse the internet. At the same time however I need to have my appliances that are hard wired (or any hard wired devices) to not have to authenticate (because it would be impossible for the appliances to do so).

I have some multi-homed boxes I can use to install whatever I need.

Can someone shed some light on this? If it's not open source that's ok too. I would just assume there is something out there.

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I think you should give this one a try, I've spent the last 30 minutes reading up all the information on the website. There are a lot of features, that you will find useful.

I'm even thinking in setting up my own hotspot and above all it looks very easy to set up too


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