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Building A Piratebox Using Only A Fon?

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I saw that yesterday. It seems like any router with a usb port that supports custom firmware would be sufficient enough for one. Big enough flash drives may be expensive for large files but external hard drives are cheap and with the usb port would hook right up.

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I was also looking at this on Lifehacker. After looking at the build, it looks like you could use the Fonera as the router, but as it doesn't have usb (I could be wrong,) you wouldn't be able to role this out by itself. If you can put DD-WRT onto the Fonera 2 or a similar router with USB, I believe it would be possible. I bet if you really wanted a single device to do this, either the Android version that's being discussed would be a good way to go, or maybe a zip-it z2 with a microsd.

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The Fon+ and Fon2 both have USB ports, just install openwrt, enable the AP, mount a usb disk and share it.

If you use WPA on the AP then only people who were allowed on the AP would be able to access the shares so that covers locking them down.

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