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Sourcing An Interceptor Compatible Router..


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Sorry to create yet another 'where can I get a fon+' thread.

I'm doing my honours project on wireless security and I need to source something capable of running Interceptor.

I've been hovering on ebay and cant find anything :( I don't care about having to import it (although I'd prefer a UK source) so if anyone could provide a link I'd be grateful ;)


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If you don't want to re-compile the binaries then any device that has 2 or more wired NICs and a MIPS processor will do. Check the OpenWrt site for hardware info.

If you fancy getting your hands dirty and compiling stuff then any architecture will work but I can't remember much about compiling OpenWrt stuff so you'll not get much support from me.

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fofusion, did you ever end up getting some hardware that will work? I think the new Pineapple MKIII hardware should work out, as it has two physical interfaces.

Nope - altered my project entirely anyway so I didn't need it.

...Interested in a new pineapple however :rolleyes:

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