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booting from flash drive


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RMD-FDD sounds like ReMovableDrive.

If that doesn't work, well, you just might be SOL.

You could see if there's a new BIOS for the MoBo around that does support booting off of a flash/pen drive.

I tried to get a MiniITX board to boot off of a pendrive, and never managed to get it to work. I wouldn't be surprised if there were more boards out there that lacked support for this.

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I would try "USB HDD". If that doesn't work then you could try all of them, it wouldn't take you that long.

Also you could try reading your motherboard manual, that will probably tell you the answer, and also if you have to use a specific USB port for the computer to boot from it.

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At my school for classes we are assigned our own hard drive that is removable. This allows each student to in a sense have his own computer to work with throughout the semester. They were thinking of switching to all usb but it would have been too hard. The support just isnt totally there yet.

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