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I asume by Visual C++ you mean Microsoct Visual C++. There are diffrances, paticulaly in Visual C++ .NET. Visual C++ all the way up to version 6 was prety much the same, and has the standard librarys you expect a C++ compiler to be equiped with. However, in Visual C++ .NET microsoft have basicly taken the lanuage and saverly broken it. Many of the standard librarys are missing, if you want to use a Microsoft compiler I surgest you use Visual C++ 6 other wise just get a diffrent compiler. Dev-C++ is a free C++ and C compiler.

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Well... it is Microsofts Java clone :P

C# has a procedural, object oriented syntax based on C++ that includes aspects of several other programming languages (most notably Delphi, Visual Basic, and Java) with a particular emphasis on simplification (fewer symbolic requirements than C++, fewer decorative requirements than Java).
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Visual C++ has a lot of extra functons and libraries that Microsoft included so that you can really easily incorporate M$ stuff into your code. For example, the ability to make a nice looking M$ gui really easily, and utilize some of the features of Windows.

That's the main difference between Visual C++ and the original concept of C++.

Visual Studio .NET has a lot of different stuff. I can't really begin to explain everything, but it's basically a huge framework for developing applications. So it's very far from simply your programming language. In fact, you can spend more time learning Visual Studio than you spend learning the programming language, because there are so many features.

As for C#, it basically is Java. I had never coded a lick of Java in my life, but I had to learn C# for a project at work, and after finishing that up I ran into some Java code, and without doing any googling I was able to read, edit, and write my own Java code because it was so incredibly similar to C#.

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