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Meh... I don't much like this stuff... I mean I love the portability but I found how easy it was to lose a 256MB SD card a little while back... at £20 a pop plus whatever you've got stored on there it's maybe not so fun...

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I've lost two pen drives, both when I came home drunk and stoned. That sucked because I had alot of comp files on there that I needed for my system.

pen drives are the future, they are so damn portable and easy to use. i love the portable apps like portable firefox, portable gaim, portable thunderbird, portable open office.

pen drives ru1z.

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The flash memory it's self is also the futur. Far more reliable then any optical media, physicly much smaller. The only problem right now is that it's so damn expencive. I have no dought it will eventualy replace optical drives, I'm not so sure they will replace hard drives. I suspect that technolagy (I forget it's name) where you store data in a very special cystal (using some kind of laser setup) and store up to a terabyte of data in a cyrstal the size of a suger cube, ye, that will probably replace hard drives. At least the method sounds more reliable then a normal hard drive (big heavy metal arm swinging backwards and farwards 50 times a second).

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