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Ive been thinking about the legalaties of this for a while, and the 'whats in your backpack' thread told me that at least one other person carries a wifi AP and a battery to power it...

So.. If say, i found myself on a train... with lots of people using laptops on the way home from work... and in all the stations there's big posters saying 'Wifi on trains is here... blah blah' However not on the one im on...

So i cash in on this by setting up my AP as 'TrainCompanyNameWIFI' and dont set a wep key, setting DHCP up and setting gateway and DNS to my laptop.. where i have a 3G connection to the internet for aaaalll to use.. if they really want..

Now comes my question.

Their on MY network, using MY connection to the web. I havnt told them to connect, nor given them permission.... and if i have set up a portal in which they click accept to get onto the wifi... which has in very small print that by accepting they accept that aministrators of the network they are joining may monitor or log the traffic they send....

Am i legally doing anything wrong by watching their traffic?

*expecting at least one reply of 'who cares, its doable, no1's any the wiser..' but im bored and rambling is all good fun.. hi people :)*

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You don't even need the disclaimer. They are using your connection, so they must expect they are been monitored simpley becasue they are using your internet connection. Just as you must asume you are been monitored becasue you are using your ISPs band width. If you, on the other hand, use the information you capture for personal gains then that is obviusly illegal.

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Yeah, as long as you have your T&C there then you should be fine. It also must force users to "Read it" so have it display infront of them in a scroll box and then an Acept Decline button below. 99% of people will just hit accept.

However, you will have to remember if anyone was stupid enough to use there credit card etc. on it then you would be bloody stupid to do anything with that information.

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Don't get me wrong, I would never use any of the information i gained from login portals, ccards etc etc.. just all gets piped to /dev/null.... but its something to do on the train on the way home... and allows you to laugh at peoples stupidity...

Hmm... now entering someones box on 'MY' WIFI......

Guessing that would have different implications?

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