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Anybody Have A Cnc Router?


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Hey, does anybody who happens to live in the NJ/PA/DE area happen to have a CNC (or even a manual one) router/mill who'd be willing to help out a non-profit? I'm the president of a high school robotics team that is entered in the F.I.R.S.T.(For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Competition. We had bought a bridgeport hand mill, but the school refuses to allow an electrician to put in the power line needed, even if we were to pay for the electrician ourselves. We were hoping to be able to use it so that we could create strong, yet lightweight components, but unfortunately, we cannot now.

If anybody would be willing to give us discounted rates, or even donate some machine time to us, we would greatly appreciate it. We aren't looking for anything intricate; just cutting holes in 1/8" 8081 aluminum plate(our largest size would be about 40"x9"), and somewhere between 4 and 8 plates. We can provide CAD files, and we even have people who are familiar with CNC mills.

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