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Bluetooth Headsets And Pc Connectivity


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Hey Guys I was recently given as a gift a Blue Ant T1 headset, and it works great with my Android phone, quite possibly the best headset I have ever had.

It has a cool feature where it can pair with two devices at the same time, and I decided to give it a whirl hooked up to my laptop for use on ventrilo.

I should also mention that I am also trying to use this for gaming on a 52in tv from my couch.

The Problem I have is that when paired with the pc the audio quality goes to absolute shit, people tell me I sound like I'm far away or in a wind tunnel or "OH GOD DUDE YOU NEED A NEW HEADSET!"

so is this a Software issue? a hardware issue? or is it just that Smart Phones have better bluetooth communication capabilities than PCs?

Thanks as always


some things I forgot...

Using Windows 7 Professional x64, tried with WIn 7 BT software and latest Bluesoleil trial, and dongle is a "Zoom" Brand model 4322

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The sound quality for you is terrible or the microphone record quality is terrible or both?

what I hear from other people is just fine, as if i was using a wired headset or letting it come through my speakers.

What is recorded from this microphone and sent out is where the issues arise. But I don't believe it to be the actual microphone on the device as it works flawlessly with my cell phone and people i talk to with it.


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It could be something to do with the phone settings, or the software that is not syncing properly.

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I had an issue with this sort of. Make sure you get line of sight with your bluetooth adapter and your headset. I have a micro USB Bluetooth dongle that I have on a USB Wifi extension mount that sits under my monitor so I have line of sight and no interference from anything.

When i had it plugged into the back of my PC, it would give crap audio to the people I was in calls with.

Picture this with a micro USB plugged in instead of a WUSB600N v2 and sitting under my monitor in plain sight.


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@Infiltrator the phone and headset work fine together, I only thought to mention it to note that I don't think it's the headset thats the problem.

@MrProtocol I had thought of that, this is a laptop and I tried running the dongle further from the laptop with an extension cable.

Thanks for the replies guys, I'm still searching the net to see if I come up with anything there

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Maybe it is a difference with the bluetooth version of the device and the dongle?

I don't know if I am out of date with Bluetooth versions, here is the dongle I am using

Zoom Model 4322 Thumbnail-sized Class 2 USB Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR Adapter

The drivers they have on their site has the old bluesoleil 5 with it and 7 threw a bigger tantrum than my 1 year old when I tried to install it.

I did however, find information about a "Widcomm" bluetooth stack from Broadcom, however their installer does not detect my dongle. I have half a mind to go pick up another bt dongle and give that a go... Problem is I have next to no way of knowing if the dongle will work with the widcomm or not.

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widcomm app from broadcom will find the correct driver or ones that will work. Did you remove the old drivers/device from device manager before trying to install the new one?

I had issues with the drivers that came with my micro where it would randomly drop the pair and when i ran it with the widcomm app drivers it works perfectly now.

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Ok so after a day or so of messing with it, I gave up on using the Zoom Bluetooth adapter and snagged the one off my HP printer...

the HP one worked with the widcomm drivers INSTANTLY and the sound works great. However two new issues have arisen... #1 i get random disconnects and repairing doesn't always work right. #2 The battery lasts about 4 hours.

some of you might see 4 hours as a long time, but in reality it's not because of issue #1 I can't easily turn the headset off then back on to save battery life.

short version: widcomm wins, battery life fails lol

thanks for the help!

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