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[Version 1] Ducky To Steal Documents And Psw


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The USB Ducky is a HID device. It's essentially a one way communication from device to PC. You can mod a usb storage onto it and have it save to it by using device storage name.

The ducky has limitations, you could also run a program off of the storage mod for mentioned to have it get data.

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The ducky is essentially a macro on steroids. It's possible, but not on an ongoing basis.

The easiest way would be to use the ducky to download and install/run your hacksaw-style tool of choice.

That's my intention. And I dont want to be spoonfed, I'm trying to learn this stuff. Is it possible to install Pocket Knife or Hacksaw on a Rubber ducky and when inserting to a machine make it autorun silently?

Thanks in advance guys

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It is totally possible. You guys are simply not thinking "outside the box".

Keep in mind your NOT limited to arduino here, you have full keyboard and mouse functionality, giving you command execution, therefore also giving you access to native languages. EG: Powershell, Batch, and VBS.

As for "It cannot read data". Also not thinking outsite the box, windows has native FTP and TFTP. Networking handles the data.

I have an entire file collection script which I will consider throwing on here later on to show you guys how insanely effective it is. As of now (only had my teensy for a week), it steals tons of recent documents, firefox SQLite databases, printer spool documents, and tons of other potentially "interesting" information. Although it would be very simple to add in additional functionality to it.

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