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New U3 Hacking?

U3 Android Zero

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So many people uses the portable apps today,

very amazing applications but thinking for a second,

I consider also to create an application for the U3 rare users

I know that U3 have many issues for those people who are being disturb because of it's dual partition drive,

but I don't remind it.

Its not only the way of upgrading the ended version of U3 apps or creating U3 apps using package factory Software that may not work on the other hand, but in a different way..

yes the common purpose for this community but in a different and more secure way..

It was developed on the Research about rebuilding the combination of USB SwitchBlade, USB Hacksaw, Folding@Home, WSCC, TVNC, Wincrush, U3 Incident Response Payload, Pocket Knife, USB Multipass (specifically KONBOOT, Vbootkit and NtPassword), Software updates and the unique nature of the U3 smart Drive being as a special device.

Yes, another issue was bloom because of the Corporate Antivirus Software's.

Since 2007 until now, this issue regarding the AV detection became a horrible event.

For this purpose maybe I can say however this wouldn't be a difficult one.

I have already try it in XPSP2, XPSP3, WINSERVER2003, WIN NT, 2008 but not yet on WINDOWS 7.

The only problem that i have encountered to be difficult is the Deepfreeze, haha

But for me, I prepare this development only for Forensic purposes..

If you want to know what possibly I'm talking about, add me by Finding my name.;)

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