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Cant Get Promiscuous Mode In Xp With Alfa, Please Help


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hi all

ive been watching the show for some time now and love it, but im new to the forum.

ive been using backtrack 4 r2 for about a year now and got myself a alfa AWUS036NH (not the recormended AWUS036h model) to do injections and what not and im having some great fun. getting drivers for it in backtrack took some time but its all working great now.

recently i decided to play about with it in windows xp with some simple tools like cain and able, wireshark and firesheep. the only problem is that the card wont go into promiscuous mode which all those tools need.

ive had a good look on google but cant find any related topics. so i fort id just ask if anyone here new of a way or of drivers to sort this problem.

it would be most appreciated if anyone could help me. thanks alot

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If you can, just buy a small netbook and install backtrack on it. It will save you a lot of headaches.

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i use backtrack most of the time on my samsung netbook and it works a treat. it realy just because a mate told me to try out firesheep which is a firefox extention that only works for windows and osX atm. he has a alfa AWUS036H and hes got drivers that support promiscuous mode.

my alfa is a AWUS036NH and there doesnt seem to be any drivers for that mode.

looks like ill have to stick with backtrack.

no worrys

thanks for the help all

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