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Microsoft Office Training For Employees


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Hey guys, I know this topic doesn't sound to entertaining but I am looking for a good software/video based training suite for Microsoft Office 2007. This is going to be used for employees at my company that need some added education on how to use Office 2007. I'm guessing a lot of you guys on here probably have been in the same situation, so i figured id throw this out there and see if i could find some leads.

Thanks again!

PS: Mod's - my appoligies if i put this in the wrong section...

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CBT Nuggets have some really good videos on office 2007.


But the only problem is, that they are not free. However you can download them, if you know what I mean.

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vtc.com looked pretty good... their videos are pretty legit

cbtnuggets looks like its more for someone who is pursuing a cert for Microsoft Office. this is a little too intense for our users lol.

I found Lynda.com to be pretty good. they have a bunch of different training solutions too. I think ill be going with them.

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Depending on the number of employees who need be trained, maybe you can explore the option of enrolling them for the Office 2007 training offered by Career Step. The school offers this training program online. The training is quite comprehensive and even prepares students for the MOS certification. You can check out more details on their website!

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http://www.lynda.com/Business-training-tutorials/29-0.html has a tone of business related training videos. Most of it is streaming over the internet, although some of them offer compact disc companions to go with the streaming courses.
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