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U3 And Nonu3 Question


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many companies stopped producing U3 USB drivers.

Now, I want my USB-hack (POCKETKNIFE) to autorun silently, does the non-U3 version of POCKETKNIFE autoruns silently? If not, what can I do in order to accomplish this function (silently autorun)?

Please anyone it will be a huge help!!

Thank you:)

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autorun for non-u3 is pretty hard nowadays, cause most systems do not allow the use of autorun.ini

Hi man thanks for the reply:)

Does the U3 Pocket Knife works smoothly (autorun silently), overcoming the antiviruses etc'?

I asked about the non U3 because when I checked, it figures out that most major manufacturer stopped producing these U3 usb drives (sandisk, kingston) but I found Verbatim USB which is U3, hopes everything go ok with the installation of the U3 pocket knife:)


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