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Intel Pro/Wireless 3945ABG


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Hey everyone,

I just bought a new laptop (HP DV2040us) and it comes with an express card slot. I can't sniff using the built in wireless (subject title). On my old laptop (dv1331se) I've always used a PC card to do sniffing, scanning, etc. Is there a way for me to get my built-in card to go into promiscuous mode? If not, which express card wireless adapter would you guys recommend? I personally, can't seem to find any express card adapters in stores or online. Thanks in advanced.

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I think the new Express card slot is based on the PCIe interface which isn't used that much yet. The old PCMCIA was based on PCI which is still being used a lot today.

You best bet is either going with a USB wireless adaptor, or seeing if your motherboard has a Mini-PCI slot inside, my guess would be that it does and its occupied by your current wlan adaptor. If you can access it, some laptop manufactures have a little flap you can unscrew to get to it, then you could buy a new one to go in there. Getting external antennas might be a bit of a mod though.

I recommend Atheros chipsets usually as they work well. You best bet though is if you want to do some serious sniffing with linux is find out which cards work well with that Operating system.

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