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Ethernet To Wireless Bridge


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I just moved to a new apartment and while I will be getting FIOS soon, it won't be here until next month. So one of my neighbors is kindly lending me their wifi.

Unfortunately, I have a desktop that I would like to connect as well with no wireless card. How do I connect and configure my desktop Ethernet(win7) to my laptop(debian) such that internet requests are forwarded via the laptop and out the wifi?

If this helps, I want to do this:

Desktop ethernet -> ethernet -> laptop eth0 -> laptop wifi -> neighbors AP -> Internets

I realize I might need a crossover(autosensing nics) to go between desktop and laptop, and assign static addresses to those interfaces. I am more concerned with the necessary steps to configure the computers to route/forward between networks.

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Just bridge the two network interfaces together, on your laptop then connect the desktop to the laptop via an Ethernet cable.

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In ubuntu/GNOME its really easy. Go to NetworkManager next to clock. And thre add a new wired connection. In IPv4 settings select "shared to other computers" Then just choose that setting that you created. Now it shares your wireless connection to lan. Cant get any easier.

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