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Help With Major Booting Problem


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Alrighty just some background information on how I got in the hellish predicament: I went on a trip to see some of my out of state family(leaving my siblings at home with my parents) Anyways, all went great until I came home and was greeted with a little message with a black background on my computer :

error: no such device: [letters/numbers]

grub rescue>

none of my siblings will admit to causing the problem, nor do they know how it happened. This message pops up immediately after the "Dell" logo, so I'm unable to get into any menu/screen except the setup screen.

Is there anyway to fix this? If so can someone help me fix the problem, I would greatly appreciate it.

p.s if any other information is needed I'll do my best to get it for you

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Disconnect the computer from the wall power socket, open the case, remove the motherboard battery for a minuet. This will cause the BIOS to restore the default settings. If the default settings contain a password, google for the default password.

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It will be in a holder of some nature. There are a few different designs of holders, some require you to press on a clip of some nature to remove the battery, other just use some nature of spring to hold the battery in. Since you know relatively little about the insides of computers, I suggest you give this a read to avoid accidentally damaging the computer.

It's quite easy to avoid causing static damage, just make sure you touch an earthed piece of bare metal before you start touching things inside the computer.

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