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Hello everyone I am in need of some help with a blue screen error once in a while my computer just blue screens and when I restart it gives me a message that the system recovered form a serious error now I have the stop error and I have looked it up and it looks like it could be a driver but my drivers all look like they are fine I want to know if there is some software that I can run to check my system over thanks for all the help.

Motherboard:Gigabyte ep43-ud3l

video card:PNY verto 9600gt

Ram:ballistix 2 1 gig sticks

Os:windows xp pro maybe win 7 pro

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Could be a driver but usually the error code tells you what it is. You can google for the hex code or check the microsoft technet sites for similar problems. Is this a new machine? New OS? WHat are you running, because it seems you don't even know based on what you wrote.

Os:windows xp pro maybe win 7 pro
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If you do go Win 7 pro, upgarde to a minimum of 4GB ram. It can run with the 2GB you have, but you won't be having the best experience on a system like that.

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Before you try reinstalling the OS again, I would suggest to disconnect all the cables inside the case and only connect the ones that are important. For example, if you have more than one hard drive only use one that you are going to install the OS on.

Secondly, don't occupy all the ram slots just install 2 modules for the time being. Thirdly, if you have any expansion cards (eg sound, tv tuner) remove them and only leave the important one eg Graphics card.

Make sure all power cords are properly connected to the connectors on the board. Make sure the CPU fan is spinning and nothing is obstructing its blades.

Reset the bios by removing the battery from the socket on the motherboard, switch on the computer for 5 seconds, then power it down and back up again with the battery on the socket.

Re-enter the bios. Adjust only the important settings, like Time, boot sequence (1. CD-rom, 2. Hard-drive), save and exit the bios.

If you are still getting blue screen, try replacing the sata cables.

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