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Getting Ip Through Game Client


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Depends on the server and game type. If the game directly connects players, then you should be able to see them via wireshark. However, most game servers probably won't reveal the end user if you are using something like steam. You would only see the servers IP and yours communicating. Lan parties would be different. Also, if you hosted the game, you should be able to see everone who connects to you, I know warsow shows the IP's of people connecting when you start your own server. If the game has a chat feature based on IRC, which some older quake engine type games do, then you would probably be able to see everyones IP when they chat as well, but again, depends on the game, whether they implemeted encryption of traffic and if the server masks end users IP's.

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A simple method would be to craft a non-malicious website and get the end user to visit it.

And then place some Javascript code on the website, so that it can record the ip address when user visits it.

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Another thought is hosting your own game server. This in essentially gives you all their IP's. If you ever played a game like counter strike, you will notice banner pages on some servers. These are linked usually to that clans forum sites as well. It was one way I tracked down the people who ran one of the servers I used to visit, but they only displayed their rules on the main banner when the game starts. In wireshark, you can trace it back to the IP and then open it in your browser to view the same page, so again, depends on the game and interface.

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