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Mod Console Contollers An Speedpads On Pc Wii Ps3 Xbox


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hey all my 1st post so hello an merry Christmas to all you @ hak5 show an forum readers

im just wondering ?

Do any of you dudes mod console controllers for pc use or mod speed pads like the g13 with thubsticks, sitek command unit razer nost belkin etc , my pals on the forum i use mod console stuff for pc an other consoles ie wii mods ps3 motion controller mod , logitech control pad thumb-stick modded onto a g13, xbox thumb-stick modded onto a razer nost etc,

foot pedals , ps3 pad on pc swap out hardware an adapters etc

some of my forum buddys mod everything they get there hands , i think it would be really cool if you guys did some cool mods an made a show about it

or showed you use them like using a ps3 or wii motion for fps on pc games with a mouse for aiming

i like your shows about hacking ,you guys talk about gaming a fair bit so i thought this would be a good area of gaming for you to to take intrest

as there is a decent bunch of modders out there in the underground of the interweb an its quite a fun sport mixing pc an console parts to make a sweet pc device

with the main focus for fps titles , please feel free to share your thoughts B)

all the best an cheers T1mA uk :D

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