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Hack Digi Chat Using Ftp ! Bozzerror >


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There a chatroom and there is a ftp login i mean login to DIGI CHAT !

it needs a password and username to enter it !




i need a brute force ProGram which can Bypass and get me username and pass from FTP LINK !


<removed*> ( DIGI CHAT ftp login )

Can Contact me At :-

boZzerrOr@Live.coM Or n-i-n-j-a-m-a-s-t-e-r@Live.coM

*Sparda says: Should have done that earlier lol, I'm an idiot.

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I don't want rain on your parade, but you shouldn't have posted a public ip address, its against the forum rules.

Secondly brute forcing a FTP server, will either result in the account being locked out or your ip address being banned, you might want to keep that in mind.

Last but not least, here is list of "FTP Brute Forcing Tools" I found by doing a simple Google Search.



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Thanx all MATES and im sorry if i made any mistake ...

but can anyOne Gimme direct Link of program ... ??

Those links I posted has a direct link to what you are looking for.

Like this one, its not hard at all


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Yea ur ryte but have to find programz....

i need a good program which u people prefer and use for FTP of DIGI chat ...chatroom and get their username and password...


You want to hack things and learn, thats fine, but your question is borderline offensive in general. Want programs that do password automation, cracking, etc, there are plenty. Want people to tell you what to use specifically to hack other people, then go learn for yourself. We don't exist to help people profit over others or attack individuals. If that is what you are looking for, you came to the wrong forums.

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