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Mitm Setting Question


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Several weeks ago, I got JasagerV2, and Now I'm testing MITM( User Notebook > Jasager > My Notebook > Internet ).

Do I need to set sometinig to Jasager for MITM ? I think that has full set up.

For ur reference, other setting(such as My notebook's internet bridge)was done perfectly.

thank you.


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Do something in what way? You need to plug it in, turn it on and turn on Karma.

What is a "Full setup"?

I mean the Jasager has an environment for MITM, so I though I just need to set up my notebook as internet bridge. But It was not work.

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Thank you for your reply.

My notebook OS is win-XP. Local adapator is connedted with Jasager(IP is & Wireless adaptor runs for ICS(I checked with other notebook, It runs well)

Do I need to do other setting? Such as (1)DHCP server running on notebook? <OR> (2)IP setting on Jesager?

Thank you

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DHCP all depends on whose instructions you followed when you set it up. I personally run the DHCP server on the Fon and route all traffic through my intermediate device but most people prefer to run the DHCP server on the intermediate device and just forward traffic. There are plenty of guides for getting ICS working with Windows, have a read through those and if you still get stuck you need to post what you've tried that worked, what failed, where you got to and basically as much info as you can.

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I agree. I think Fon wireless adapator has to dhcp server, but I thought Fon's other adaptor(RJ45 connector) just need to connect to my notebook(gateway) for using internet. Doesn't it?

If there is problem of my thinking, Please give me an advice. Thank you.

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