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Refernce Tablet


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So, something I've been thinking of getting is a small tablet for referencing things from, usually images like CAT5 cables, Computer repair things like http://www.fixingmycomputer.com/ and such as I know my stuff, but memory can be tricky and so can computers.

What I'm looking for is a tablet at least 5-7 inches like the new Samsung Tab, but the thing is my price range is MAYBE 200dollars, and I can get a student discount if necessary. I might be able to go higher after the holidays but that's unlikely. What do you suggest for something like this? I currently have a netbook and iphone, but those might be a bit tedious on repair trips and such. If nothing comes to mind, what do you use or reference when needed? I don't have mobile internet due to where I live and if I did it'd probably be too slow to work with.


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