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Need Lisence Maker For This Php Script


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im very happy to find your forum

i hope so you can help me :)

i need help to find serial number ( license ) for this script :rolleyes:

i download this script about 2years ago . and not remember serial :unsure:

i upload 1part of my script and show to you . :)

i think this script code with rc4 . :)

tnx all for read my post . and sorry , i know my english speaks is bad ;)

Download here


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/quick glance

You have the source code... <_< (and now every one has) just edit it so it doesn't need to be registered...

yes i have source code

but i dont know when i want install it

what put in serial number field

i want know how i can make for this script serial number .

tnx Admin for reply :)

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I'd try and find something else that does the same job. Any program that uses RC4 should be upgraded as RC4 is broken.

Edited by Alias
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http://www.vclcomponents.com/PHP/Web_Traffic_Analysis/TFS-info.html is this the same thing, from what I can tell of the code they seem to be the same. Also I would have to agree with Alias, look for something newer, since I could not find anything on tfs besides this and something being produced on the msdn... Also if you are looking for web statistics why not try the google thing?
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