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Hey guys, This comes on the white hat side of things... But is there any sure fire way to know that you have been the victim of a metasploit attack? Further from that is there any easy way to clean it out, or does it call for ye olde reformat?

I realize there is no single infection with metasploit as there are different payloads and what not. does it install most exploits as a service or as autorun in the registry?


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There are ways you can find out, if there are any active connections on your computer.

You could use process explorer, to watch out for any process that is not appearing in the task manager.

Secondly, you could use TCPVIEW to display all the active connections on your computer.

And thirdly, install an AV like Avast, it has many times during my pen-testing in my Virtual Lab blocked metasploit attacks.

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