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Measuring Computer Performance


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Hi All,

I will be building a couple of super desktop computers, with dual processor motherboards and at lest 3 or 4 Nvidia GTX 580 graphics cards.

But I want to know what software would one use for measuring the computer performance in FLOPS.

I need to know how much Flop per seconds are my machines outputting. This is going to be an ongoing project.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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The big question I have is "Is FLOPS a useful measurement of your computer". There was a time when it was a meaningful measurement, but those were the days where the CPU was the only thing in the machine doing any processing and it only had did one task at a time. Now with high power GPUs and multicore processors the number of FLOPS won't be the bottle neck in your machine. After all if your machine does 10 gigaFLOPS, but only pulls the data off the hard disk at a rate of 1MB/s then your machine would crawl despite it's high number of FLOPS.

Have a look at what benchmarks are available and try a few. I am sure that some of them will report a estimate of the number of FLOPS your machine is doing as well as plenty of more data, so you can find the bottle necks in your system and improve them.

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Thank you very much Jason, will check it out.

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