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Ics Won't Obey!

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I'm running Windows 7 64-bit, I have everything setup properly, but ICS only works if I do the followingfollowing:

Go to: c:\windows\system32\LogFiles\WMI\RtBackup and delete all the files in there. Reboot.

Upon reboot Secure Socket Tunneling Service gets enabled and all the other dependencies for ICA start up automatically. The problem is, when I reboot again, it's broken and I have to do the above again followed by a reboot.

Is there anything I can do to stop this nonsense? I would appreciate some helpful answers other than "Don't use ICS", thanks.

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Well, I was having trouble getting the Secure Socket Tunneling Service start, so I did some googling around and someone suggested deleting those files. Once I did, upon reboot it worked. If I reboot again without touching the files, the services won't start.

I personally didn't think deleting logfiles would work as well, but they sure did. I'm just trying to find a way to prevent having to delete them all the time, perhaps a batch file? I don't know.

EDIT: I created a batch file to have windows delete those files at start up, and everything seems to work now. Weird I tell ya.

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I would still suggest checking event logs for the service and finding out the exact error to possibly figure out what is happening with your system. I have Win7 x64 Pro and I can start/stop the service with no errors.

I couldn't find anything on it, what's it matter? I can start and stop the services as long as I have this batch file running.

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