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Help On Optaining And Tracing An Ip Address

J. Toonskip

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Hello and I ask for Help

I am a huge fan of Hak5 and the hacking community. I was wondering if anyone would try and get an IP address or a personal profile of this facebook group (link below)

some sick bastard is taking the mick out of a very dare friend of mine who unfortunitly died 9 month ago, she was only 15

I and many others would really appreshiate if you could please help me find who is doing this.



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Unless you have physical access to the Facebook servers, it will very difficult to impossible to trace back the ip address of the person who created the profile.

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I don't think looking at server logs need physical access...

OK, I over exaggerated that one, but somehow he will need to gain access to the server, in order to view the logs.

Which could be a difficult and illegal thing to do. So contacting Facebook will be his best bet.

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Few things.

1, get multiple people to report them, but they could always make new pages so its kind of pointless.

2, IP addresses can be masked, proxied, etc, and change at random, depending on the ISP. Especially if they had dial-up (yes, it still exists), so thats not going to help unless you get the person in real time and can confirm its them.

3, Best bet is Social Engineering. You need to lure them to an unsuspecting site, get them to click a link, etc, or even have them visit an IRC channel you own. Some way to confirm its them while being able to either view the logs from your own site, or capture packets in an IRC channel to see all the users IP addresses(so long as they aren't masked by vhosts, depending on the service and server used).

4, Recon. Find out everything you can about the person and do some research into their life. Google, Maltego, etc, find out who they are, their names, locations, email, etc. Find ways to get info out of them, either by befriending them under a different signon, or whatever means necessary, but be convincing, use social engineering as previous stated and see what you can come up with. Anything is possible. Usually the weakest link is the target themselves.

In short, its the internet, live and learn, move on. Its not worth the headache, and will only make you more frustrated. Not to mention, I always wonder about threads like this when I see 100's of similar ones on other boards, and they are always spam. I still think my points are valid though, and might be useful to anyone in a similar circumstance.

By the way, the link doesn't work, so looks like your complaint has been heard, or an admin had enough sense to change the url :)

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