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hi evry one

Hi! :D

i will ask some Questions


i need to know if there any way to change usb modems mac adress ?

You can probably do it with any normal tool that can do this. Though the driver might just refuse to work, depends if protections agisn't this have been writen in to the driver.

how to bypass the limtation of your internet download limt?

you can't.

is there any port scan programs work with usb modems?

Yes, all of them.


No problem :)

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Modems are generally closed to the consumer, and can only be updated via the ISP (not that the right setup couldn't reverse this and tftp new firmware onto them, its not an easy process from the consumer side). However, some modems do allow updating them via the consumer side with flash updates tot he firmware. Motorola makes a few that allow this, and also allow cloning the mac address. Its also illegal to do so, depending on what country you live in/state, etc. It won't allow you to bypass speed restrictions, BUT, if you knew the mac address of someone who paid for higher speeds, such as a business class account, you could clone their MAC address to achieve their speeds. The only problem with that is the ISP should be able to see two of the same MAC addresses on its network, and in turn, shut them both down.

I know Comcast has been duped by this in the past, but the idiot who did it, bragged about it on his website and also showed how it was done. Thats all well and good except he didn't hide his real identity in any of it, and was caught and arrested.

Google for Motorola Surfboard Firmware Upgrade.

On another note, I have a zoom cable modem that is a PCI card, that Comcast won't allow on their network, not because its not compatible, but because they try and force you to use specific models, such as the Motorola Surfboards, and others they have access to flash the firmware for. Zoom Modems I believe allow updates from the consumer side, and is also one of the reasons Comcast won't allow them on their network, as the ISP can't update them from their end supposedly, especially ones that are PCI cards.

Most modems are designed to be accessible by the cable company side to update the firmware and set the speed limits via updates from the ISP side, so they kind of control whats happening anyway.

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