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Laptop Carrying Bag


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with me recently getting a new laptop, im in need of a bag. any normal person (i read about normal people one time...)would go pick up a $20 bag and throw the laptop in it.

but me, im in need of some specific things and wanted to know if any one can recomend me a good bag. either online or in a store. problem with online is that theres not many good pictures.

things i need:

fit a 17 inch laptop

can carry a power cord

mouse and mouse pad


cell phone pouch

room for papers/notebook


CAT 5 cable

cable for cell phone

flash drives

would like to be able to carry a good sized book

extra cables of diffrent kinds

computer games

strap for shoulder carry

water bottle on the outside

would be nice if water proof

the book is a biggy for me though. it would be great to carry my A+ book or my unix for programmers and users book in there depending on what im doing. as a tech i want my full setup to be able to go in there.

never really shopped around for laptop bags before.it means leaving the house.....

i cant tell what bags come with what and how many pouches and where online. i would like lots of pouches. so i either need to go out and shop for one, which i am going to do, look around a bit at staples and radio shack, or i order it online but i need some reference's as i cant see much from the one image shown with most of them....

i was looking at the dell/alien ware orion messenger bag, is it any good and would it fit my needs? basically need to haul my computer power cord book and lots of accessories. being a tech crowd i would think some of you would know where im coming from with what im wanting here. so any suggestions are welcome! and let me know if you have or have tried the orion bag out...



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USMC DCU Camelbak hydration backback.. this thing will carry all of that stuff and have extra room, built to withstand any weather condition and even has a easy to access tube to drink out of. Cool camo design.

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