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External Hdd Recgnition Tools?


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Hi guys. I have a question regarding External/desktop hard drives. I have a 500gb Western Digital passport HDD and have been using it for some time. now all of a sudden when I connect it to my laptop (running vista) it recognizes the device as being connected but I am unable to access it [it dose not show when I enter 'My Computer' or load up on autorun]. dose anyone have any ideas as to how to access the HDD? any help or suggestions would be great.

many thanks

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If you restart the computer with the HDD plugged in and then log back in, does it show up in My Computer at all? Another thing you can try, I know this is not necessary and Windows should very well detect it. But its worth a shot, go to the Manufacturer website and see if there are any drivers/software available for that particular HDD.

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When you unplug it, do you use safe removal? Some drives have caching turned on, and if you arbitrarily unplug them without safe removal, they can damage the drives. Corrupts them really. make sure to set the device for quick removal. While you are at it boot a live linux disc and see if the data is readable. If it doesn't mount automatically, you can try a force mount on the device and then copy the data off to another drive, then when back in windows, format it and then put the data back on it. After the format, make sure to set it for quick removal again. This way you don't have to use safe removal.

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