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Laptop Recommendations


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Hi All,

I am looking for some recommendations for a decent laptop.

I am a software developer and do alot of work with VM's as well.

I am looking for a laptop with

4+ gig ram

i5 or i7 processor

between 14 and 15 screen size

Portable and small would be prefered but all recomendation would be great.

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I am plan on buying this one


It comes with I7, 8Gigs or Ram, Full HD screen, BlueRay and THX Certified.

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Sorry Infiltrator. That is a bit on the big\heavy side. I saw one while I was in the US and they are Tanks.

I am looking for something light but with power.

No problems!! We'll keep on looking if I find something, will let you know.

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No problems!! We'll keep on looking if I find something, will let you know.

Not a bad laptop infiltrator, i love these gamers, now Stones i don't think you gonna need a badass gpu for software development and virtualization, so i think a core i7 mobile with 6gigs of ram will do just fine, i found one that would be nice for that in the brazilian ebay, the HP DV7-3180US, well but here's the thing it looks like you really want something portable and powerful, just keep one thing in mind battery won't last that long specially because you gonna be using the heck outta that cpu and probably in High Performance mode so try to get anything with at least 8 lithium ion cells, i know you want something kinda discreet but maybe a "frankenstein" laptop would suit you better, my point is try not to choose by it's look but for it's horse power instead, want something pretty get a mac pro or a sony vaio, want something badass? gamer laptops mostly will be the best choice.. Oh almost forgot.. also a portable battery pack like one energizer i've seen 18 amps (i don't remember where, just google for it) would give you a nice extra time without needing to hook up your laptop to an outlet, and one last thing just get a laptop if you REALLY need it, don't even think about using it at home because laptops are more expensive and for the home a nice server would do a lot more with a lot less cash, i'm just saying if i had to run like... say.. 25 vms at the same time i'd get a nice 3g connection instead of a nice laptop and just get a nice server and connection at home with a static ip, well it's up to you now.

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Personally, I prefer a desktop for everything unless I am on the go somewhere then the laptop kicks in.. I like something with long battery life and something that you can see the screen in bright lights and such and do not get a glare on the screen. My last laptop only got like 2 hours of battery life and it sucks having to recharge it all the time. The I-pads are looking nice I think they get like 8 to 10 hours battery life and you can even read ebooks or watch movies at the beach or road trip with no glare. It is all about preference though.

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Just wanted to drop in and thank everyone for thier replys.

I thinking I might hold out on a laptop and maybe make a dedicated EsxI server for hosting vm's. I will just stick with my Dell Core 2 Duo for the mean time.

But i did find a nice laptop that looked good.


Seemed to have all the specs that I was looking for.

Might be useful for someone else. Not sure if it is out in europe yet?

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