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Reported Attack Page! Linking From Hak5


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Yeah, someone edited it and put links to 3rd party sites. Not only should it be taken down, but maybe there is a way to scan the wiki for rouge stuff like this? Check for similar posts fromt he same IP and ban it. I know its not as easy as the forum to moderate, but there should be a better system in place to prevent this sort of thing.

By the way, a quick google shows this person does this regularly to mediawiki installs, posting the same sort of spam. Most likely automated by a bot, so if he can add some extra steps, like a captcha it might prevent this from happening again from automated spam bots, but not from real people. I recently had to implement a captcha on my brother in laws sites so even if mediawiki doesn't offer a plugin or captcha by default, it should be able to implement fairly easily in the mediawiki's code.

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I would be more than willing to help. Anything to stifle the spammers.

Gosh i wish i could kill a bunch of spammers in the weekend.. after a night of love with the gf the best thing in the morning is to go out and hunt spammers... i mean it.. back in the day they were using my hotmail account (even though they don't have my password) to send spam like it was me... I JUST HATE SPAMMERS AAAAA =@

"Spammer season is open!

Rabbit Season

Duck Season..

Spammer Season FIRE

(sorry couldn't resist)"

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Some mediawiki knowledge, but mainly the ability to learn on the job, and the ability not to disappear after a week or so. I'll look into getting access setup, along with a special forum area to discuss it all tonight.

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