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Were are you located

Guest chrish2o1

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Guest chrish2o1

I just recently started watching the show, hearing about it from a Digg story. Are you guys still in williamsburg VA. I would of swore that was richmond in the begining of the show, am I right? Im a techie in richmond so I would love to help a VA IPTV show.


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Hi sup, im new here... i watch the show like from 2 weeks ago, (watched em all) and i saw this post and thought it would be nice to introduce myself quick and dirty buy leaving google earth gps coordinates from where i live :D

Latitute 34°34'23.32"S

Longitude 58°30'32.80"W

since i didnt see any forum to say something bout myself i'll do it here, hope it wont be off-topic.

im 29 (brand new)

I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina

i have 2 cats

i've been trusting my technolust officially since 1990,

(flashback) i remember when i was a child, my dad bought "techno stuff" and all the manuals came in english, he poorly translated it to me, and i'lll teach him how to use it ^^)

more to come..


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Tnx for the welcome :D

so i guess this is "everything else" in the biblical sense? i can go "blah blah blah blah yada yada yada"?

well not right now.. im off to work..

good morning everyone.

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Well, this one's called 'Questions'. Specifically "Where are you located".

So please try to confine your responses to that area. If you want to yammer on about unrelated stuff, go to the Everything Else part of the forum and enjoy the freedoms that section brings.

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Im from the great state of Washington and have been a techno nerd for a while. I got into HAK 5 a while ago and have seen most of the episodes and you guys are the bestest.

I have a tshirt that is m.i.a and have worn it around town and no responses yet. Keep up the good work.... maybe a shout out to holysoul on the next episode perhaps?????


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I'm in a bunker under Nelsons column.
We expected as much :D

I live in New Zealand and before this year i only used computers for gaming really. Got into Purepwnage start of 2006, got Hak5 link off purepwnage and now im teh 1337 hax0r... Ill just keep dreaming lol :)

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