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Yo Hak5,

I am thinking on installing some surveillance cameras inside and around the outside of my house. Since I live in a neighborhood area there may be other neighbours that may not approve it or dislike the idea of someone installing cameras, I seriously don't find any problems with that, since I won't be using it for recording the neighbour's daughter or wife, simply for incident purposes.

Has anyone done this before or what are your insights/thoughts about this.

Thank you very much

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I live in Italy...

here you can write "under surveillance for security pourposes"..

record the file..erase after 48 hours...not allowed to keep any logs...


Hide your real cam...1 or 2....it's up on You...


put 2 dummy cameras....that everybody can see...

if someone complains....You just explain you put these 2 dummy cameras

to discourage people approaching your home...

That's it!


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My Sister had 4 break ins within a two week period a couple of months after she purchased her property in the out skirts of Melbourne. When speaking to the previous home owner she found out that the teenager living next door was charged for similar break ins previously which prompted my sister to install a CCTV system (Was done professionally by a friend of mine).

It shouldn't be much of a problem providing the installed camera's are not blatantly overlooking a neighboring property. The only install that may cause an issue is a camera monitoring your front door seeing as when you install these you also want to cover the entry and as much of your front yard as possible.

My sister has a total of 5 camera's, 1 for each side way down the house, 2 in each corner in the back yard and one above the front door which also picks up some of the footpath. They have been installed for over a year without a single complaint.

All though not necessary the neighborly thing to do is discuss the proposed camera install and be clear that they will not be intrusive. But even if you don't do this camera's now days are small enough that most people wont even notice them hence you wont get a complaint.

SO jah, from my understanding as long as they are not overlooking a neighbors property it isn't a problem, if you are concerned about the legality of the install it may pay to ask your question on Whingepool and mention what state or local council you fall under.

On a side note if you are installing them in the event of a break in for evidence purposes be warned that those home surveillance kits you get from dick smith and the likes are rather b-grade and in most cases Police wont be able to do much with the footage other than having an idea on what to finger print.

My previous employer (Tight arse boss) got a CCTV system installed professionally but the camera's used were low resolution so when we were broken into the facial shots that would have been awesome identification couldn't be used.

Out of curiosity how many are you planning to install, camera model, coaxial or tcp/ip and are you gonna use a DVR or Just install a DVR card into a spare computer?

Personally if your gonna do something like this its worth paying the extra amount and doing it properly from the get go, use professional gear (Bosch are professionally recommended) and have your stuff running of a UPS and the DVR unit hidden away under lock and key. Expensive yes but the information obtained is well worth it.

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Yeah you can get a CCTV, or Digital CCTV recording system. Then even remotely access your security system from your iphone or work computer for viewing. It depends on how paranoid you are and how much you have to spend on a security system. There may be some kind of law about recording anything out of the property that you own, but that is some legal stuff you will have to check up on locally.

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Yeah my sisters Bosch DVR unit has a RJ45 port which can be used to upload into the cloud or remote viewing but due to ISP cap restrictions and upload speeds its a bit prohibiting.

I also recall seeing some camera's that have a micro SD card slot built in so in the event that the DVR device is stolen/damaged the camera will still continue to take pictures and store them on the SD card.

For home use I hear the Bosch 20bit Hi-Res are a good buy but unfortunately are around $800.00 aud last I checked a year back.

As for a recommended supplier in Australia, My friend who does it professionally uses All Things

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Thanks for all the input guys, I will take all legal issues into account as well. As for the camera set up, I will be using an Ethernet HD Camera, with a built in mic, that should give me a very good picture quality and good audio as well.

I will also be installing a third screen up in my room, so I can monitor each individual camera closely. Each camera will be configured to record and take snap shots of anythings that trigs its sensors.

I will also buy a Qnap NAS device that will be used for storing all the pictures and videos.

Thanks again.

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