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me 2 :D

just finished the professional events

... half way through the expert

and have done one extreme event

60% complete so far :D

GT5, After it, you'll never be the same.

well.. have fun.. i wish i could play it :/ (gotta a LOT of work to do, i'm opening a datacenter company so yea.. no time for nothing and no fun too, it feels like i'm being punished for my lifetime mistakes...

One thing though, after need for speed shift i noticed how inconvenient the keyboard is (and yea i'm the pc guy and i still don't own a ps3 [YET..]) so from now on i'm gonna be playing racing games only with a logitech racing wheel (g27 seems to be the winner for my next gaming purchase plus of course a couple of GTX 580 in sli and a ps3) though that's gonna take me some time because i got a lot to do right now.. but i can't wait to get my hands in the GT5..

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Saw a college of mine playing GT5 at his place the other day, really loved the game, I am thinking in buying one logitech Racing Wheel and turning my PC into an Arcade Machine

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sweet ... you should :D

they're doing an update in december for mechanical damage ... cant wait :)

What does Mechanical damage do? Is it suppose to damage your car, or make your car super fast or something.

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lol they have cosmetic damage atm but it doesn't affect your car ... i heard a rumour that they'd be updating in december with mechanical damage ... one of the achievements is to break a piece off your car i still havmt managed to do this yet and have 68% completed it lol :)

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so pissed off atm was 3.40mn in a 4hr endurance race and pressed quit instead of continue on the pause menu !!!!


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@infiltrator they've fixed a lot of the bugs now and the online multiplayer features mechanical damage :) .... cars pull/slide to left & right if damaged ... fixes itself after a while

89% complete :)

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