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Ssh Http Tunneling With Itouch


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How do I tunnel with my iTouch on my existing HTTP tunnel? If it helps, here is the .bat file I execute when connecting via a regular (non-iTouch) computer. I use plink as my SSH client.

start plink.exe -N -D 9999 root@username.dyndns.org -P 443

I found the following link while doing research - (http://snipplr.com/view/16563/how-to-connect-to-a-socks-proxy-from-an-unjailbroken-iphoneipod-touch/) but I have never used .PAC files. Any help greatly appreciated.

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You need jailbroken iPodTouch for ssh tunneling. Then you need terminal ans openssh installed.

Then open terminal,

 ssh -D 8080 user@dyndnsORip -p 443 

Then go to |settings|wifi|yourwlan connection| down on that page that shows your ip "use http proxy" "manual" set server to be localhost ie. and port 8080

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