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[Version 1] Messing With Full Lockdown Pcs


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Hello Dudes,

I just got my teensy, and wondering how could I own a callege PC?

(except Computer Science) Everywhere in callage are fully lockdown

well they accept spare usb keyboards

can you inspire me, how could I own with the Teensy a fully lockdown pc?

anything.... somtething..... ?

Boot ubuntu off a live disk. Finished.

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If you could get it to create a shortcut then it might be possible to allow things like CMD and so forth. My old school had RM machines (pretty secure) and I was able to get to a Limited User Command Prompt using a shortcut that changed the registry key. It only works if they've blocked CMD but not other programs in System32 (such as REG.exe). I used:

reg add HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\System /v DisableCMD

in the shortcut.

I posted a load of others (for RM specifically) on a (now dead) forum called Xatrix. Here's the link.

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One thing that people often forget to stop/can't stop because students need it, is the ability to create & run macros in excel. Using macros you can read/edit the registry (try removing some registry values to get around restrictions), launch command prompts, and more fun stuff.

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