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Help W/ New Pineapple V2

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I am an avid Hak5 watcher. I have seen every episode. I was checking out the store and saw the Pineapple V2 and the YouTube video w/ Darren and I thought why not. I would love to help support Hak5, and hey why not be able to do a little hacking myself.

Problem is I am a complete newb when it comes to the Pineapple. I have no idea how to set it up and get it running. No idea. I've looked through the forums and everything and I don't know where to start haha.

If anyone could help me that would be great. I honestly just plugged in the Pineapple, and am stuck from there.

I am a complete newb so if you give instructions, very detailed would be appreciated :)

Thanks for the help guys!


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