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Show Off Your Rare/old School Gear


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show off any rare or old school gear you still have.

this is all from my phreaking times back in the day. oh the good 'ol days when hacking was still some what easy.

this is my OKI900. the very same phone kevin mitnick was famous for. it can still be used to clone cell phones.


my radioshack tone dialers with modified crystal. AKA redbox.


my linemans test set. rotary. AT&T. AKA beige box.


my two first linux distros. so hard to install compared to today. also had a mandrake cd some where.


also have a really old mac (B&W screen)

an a bunch of 2600 mags from the free kevin era.

had a comadore 64 but it unfortunately got thrown out.

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in my shed, upside down is an Apple IIe (iirc) with no power source. Just sitter there doing nothing.

Also, i used to have a tangerine clamshell but traded it for a Wallstreet.

Then I bought the gov't lot of computers with an old dell lat. other than that nothing really.

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I have an old Master Hacker cd from the mid-90s to 2000.

It got it back when we were swapping/copying CDs with software, before internet became really accessible in my part of the world.

It's filled with a collection of old viruses (almost 8000 of them), both in assembly and compiled (and zipped); running a virus scan on that CD would slow up my computer. I think the CD is not really complete. I haven't used the stuff on it, but the information content and articles were food for brains for me.

Anyway, you can browse it; I've set it up here. If you want I can set it up on a torrent so you can get the whole package and keep it in your own collection.

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