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All these power supplies


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What should I do with them?

I have accumulated about seven dead power supplies over the years of computer repair and I don't even want to bother to fix them. I thought about fixing them, but then I open them up and realize I don't really need another working 200W power supply. What fun is a crappy working power supply when it could turn into a weekend project?!

I have considered opening them up to harvest some parts for Project T.U.N.B.A(See http://www.nukedetected.com/bling.html), or just using the parts for whatever project arises later. Give me a hand, what should I really do with these things? Just pitch me an idea or give me a link to a site, I will figure it out.

Thanks in advance.

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I'm damn sure you know this, but to anyone reading this thread, playing around with a PSU could fubar you.

As for what to do with them, make a rail gun and use them to power it? Or just use them for powering a series of fans in summer?

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Use the fans! Those fans are so useful... desktop cooling for you, case cooling for your rig, amusing water-wheels if held under a tap, wind tunnel for a hamster...

You get the idea ;)

I second what VaKo said though, careful poking around in there unless you know what you're doing... those things can pack a punch...

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I like the fan ideas, definately a good idea. Perhaps I can put them together into one Ultimate Mega God Fan!

The safety is always a concern for me though, I will take the necessary precautions. But if I do managed to take a shock or two... my mother tells me of a time when I was 3 and I jammed her car keys is a 220 AC socket, another time I stuck a safety pin in another 220 AC socket at school in the.. seventh grade I believe. Those are the two funniest times I remember electrocuting myself. My philosophy: The wounds will heal quicker than the event stops being funny.

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