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Menu.lst How To


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okay, so i have my multipass and i have it working. i can boot into some systems but none of them seem to be configured right.

so i was wondering if i could get some help learning to set up the menu.lst file and to learn what is supposed to be reference for each OS to boot.

what it looks like is i need the kernel and the initrd files to be specified in the menu.lst file for the OS to boot. i was wondering is this correct?

also is there a place i can learn, or what is the code called that you use to make the menu.lst file? it looks like its just referencing of the files...

another thing is im seeing these tree's mentioned but not sure what they are talking about.

i think what im seeing, as a good way to organize the files and if this is not what other people are doing will it work, is to make one dominate menu.lst and in the folder for each OS make another menu.lst file containing the full path to the files being referenced.

for instance in the dominant menu.lst file would look something like this.

timout 120
color blue/black yellow/blue

title Trinity Rescue Kit
menu /TRK/trkmenu.lst

title rescuecd
menu /rescuecd/srcdmenu.lst

menu may or may not be the correct way to specify the file path to the sub menu.lst file. not sure.

and the the menu.lst file for trinity rescue kit would be something like:

kernel /trk/kernel.trk
initrd /trk/initrid.trk

or something along the sort.

so am i on the right path and when would something other than the kernel and initrd need to be specified? also does the OS folders have to contain a boot folder and a folder with the title? or could they both be in one folder?

any light being shed onto this would do me some good!


Kolton Kuhns

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