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I'm guessing if he doesn't know what the cat command is. Then pen testing tools shouldn't be his first step.

Well I'v used ubuntu a litte 3 years ago. Last year I started to use linux again, and then is quickly came my main OS. Before that I used Windows. And first linux I installed to my computer was BT4. So Learned quickly to use Linux ie. Ubuntu cause I wanted to get into this hacking stuff. Iv red a lot of tutorials and now Im really comfortable with bash, ubuntu and penetration testing.

You have to e interested for doing something to learn it. I was interested in hacking so I wanted to learn more. I just had to learn how to use ubuntu or any other linux to be able to learn hacking.

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BT4 isn't ment to be an installed workable OS. You can do it, it's just not made for that intention.

You don't need linux (although it makes it easier) to "hack". You don't learn "hacking" you learn enough information about how things work to become a hacker. And when I say hacker I do not mean that in the terms of a Cyber Criminal as the media makes it.

I was just stating that if you seriously had no clue what the cat command was that you had to search it up. Not by the man pages but google. Maybe you should look a bit more into what is pre-built into linux rather than extra tools for security.

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