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Zombie Survival Kit


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what about if this one zombie turns into more zombies?. like they normally do.

well there is a gun with 8 shots in there. the knife is unlimited use. this is the emergency situation case. like if there is a few zombies right outside my house with out warning. but if there is a major outbreak of course im going to prepare and board up my windows and stock up on supplies and weapons etc...

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If you really want to take down an army of zombies, this is what you really need.

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Not sure I'd want a knife in a zombie attack, also not sure about using a revolver in an inclosed space with out hearing protection. I'd probably go for a Springfield Armory 1911 due to its trustiness and the speed increase on reload time, plus it does less damage to your hearing and something like a Spetsnaz Machete.


Got to be ready for the zombie apocalypse.

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