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Straight Talk Cell Phone...modem?


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I was thinking of going with straigt talk for its unlimited talk, text, web browsing option. The problem is that the phone is designed to not be able to be teathered with a laptop as a modem. I was wondering if any of you might know of a way to cheat this, allowing it to be used on as a modem.


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I have wondered this also. I use StraightTalk cell service, though not yet (and maybe never) as tether hardware. The notebook I use doesn't have a bluetooth card or I might have already tried it. The BT card that the model of laptop I use optionally came with has proven difficult to find in the United States, and I haven't had quite enough interest in it to go searching through ebay everyday to catch one up for sale, or to order one from Europe. One day I'll get around to ordering a BT card and I'll try it out and report my results.

As to your geographical challenge problem, there is something else that I have also wondered about and that is privately owned wimax infrastructure. Specifically, I'm talking about a scenario that makes sense for a number of people who live near one another, but far from existing or future land based broadband internet service, to pool their funds and use them to buy some wimax equipment. I'm sure I'm not the only person who has thought about this before, though I've not found too much discussion on it around the internet. I have looked at some of the lower priced wimax base stations and, depending on some variables such as the number of people who are willing to pay equal shares of the equipment, installation, land based bandwidth, etc, it seems like it might make sense for some of those groups of people to invest in buying 'wimax'. If you take into account the average amount of money spent each year, per person, on things such as subscription to mobile broadband service, data overage charges, other related costs, and how long it might be until land based broadband comes to your house (if ever), you might be able to make a good case for investing in such a thing.

I'm no expert on DSL, as I've never had to worry about availability, but I do know that some form of DSL exists in 'most' parts of the United States. I read on Wikipedia that AT&T were ordered by the FCC in 2005 to provide DSL for 2 years, starting at the time they merged with Verizon, though that certainly doesn't mean the service ever came to your house. Maybe it's a stupid question, but have you checked with your land line phone service provider recently to see if they are offering DSL or plan to offer it in the near future (assuming that you can get land line phone service)? It might be a good thing to do when considering your next contract renewal with Verizon, if for nothing else.

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Another option you have if you are geographically challenged is sat internet (wild blue, hughesNet, etc). Now I do have some experience in the realm (worked for Dish Network (wild blue, kinda)) and I would offer these caveats...

1. If you have almost ANY other option, sat internet is not for you (because of the next reasons).

2. While sat internet is 'broadband', you will be latency challenged (speed of light is fast, but not that fast). Forget gaming.

3. The price is high, usually ~80usd/month, and sometimes they charge you for installation (and always things that are out of the ordinary such as pole mounts and cable bury).

But when there is truly no other option, it may work for you.

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Straight Talk is the way to save. I have the $30 a month with 1000 min. talk, text, and free 411 calls plus 30mb of data. For me is enough I don't need hassles with cellphones and ST does not give me any. No contracts, no hidden fees or charges and a great plan for saving. I switch to Straight Talk and for me is a great phone and a great deal. Please check before you buy anything like I did and positive comments is always a great beginning.

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