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Sony Android Phones Suck !


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do not buy a sony android phone unless you want to wait ages for and outdated update to android 2.1 that still hasnt materialised yet alone android 2.2 !!!!

im soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo angry!!!

more to the point on the sony web site it says click here to upgrade to 2.1

which i did ... dlded the software .... installed loads of useless sony crap on my system

connected my phone and it says im running the latest version which is BS !!!

im on 1.6 and fucking hating sony !!!!!!


sony used to be the bollox in the 90's / 80's why do they suck soooooooo much now :(

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I feel ya. I didn't even realize they produced an Android phone. But considering what overpriced crap their Vaio line of computers and most of their other consumer electronics are, I would've stayed the hell away to begin with.

Remember, you are buying a phone from the same company that used to plant rootkits on their music CDs to keep you from pirating them (LINK)

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im doing this tomorrow !!!!!!!!!

fuck sony ass holes

.... will this affect my phone if i decided i wanted to install the 2.1 update from sony ?

if you do a factory update it wont matter. if you update using a rom, then you wont get the regular updates from sony. which dosnt really matter if you wanna play around with roms. if you upgrade to 2.2 and for some reason you want to downgrade to 2.1, it might be tricky. i know some phone can do it but you would want to read up on the first if thats important to you.

personally i think you should just root it, and play with some custom roms. that will put you at 2.1 or 2.2 and you wont regret it. custom roms are so much better then stock.

i was on 2.1 before it was even available for my phone from the factory.

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1. Root phone

2. Install custom rom (2.1 or 2.2)

3. ???


But seriously, the phones aren't that bad (I had an x10 for a while until I broke it) it's just they're using outdated software. Going from 1.6 to 2.1 adds a lot of speed.

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