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Ok, I installed steam, but when I try to login, it says that steam is having trouble connecting to the internet? This only happens when I put the correct password in, if I put an incorrect password it says that I cannot login becuase my pass is incorrect which means its still connecting to the internet?! I'm totally stumped on this one, I can't figure out whats causing it, all I want to do is play hl2 which I fricken bought, steam sucks. any suggestions? anyone got there phone #?

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Steam is horrible, and I class it as Adware. Every time I open it it tells you "You can buy Episode one for $19.95" (which it isn't worth any way). I might just block the images it downloads just to remove the ads.

i saw a definition of a virus a few months ago and it was something like this

"A program to uses alot of space, cpu, and makes annoying popups. Sometimes can be harmful to the computer."

is it just me or does steam fit that perfectly?

My steam folder is about 10 gb, it uses alot of cpu and those damn popups....

and i think it is harmful to the computer, it annoy's me so much i just want to hit my damn computer....

its ok computer, i dont really mean it...

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Steam is like communisim

a great idea on paper

but was never executed properly

also i belive PWs are stored on your local machine as well as the online servers, so it would, in theory auth twice for security

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I love it when its easyer to pirate something than do it legitimately, but the dev teams should probally take notice. Unless there in meetings with the board members pulling there hair out at yet another shit idea from on high.

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