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Android Penetration Testing


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Just got my new Motorola Droid X on Friday and I absolutely love it so far, although for some reason doubleTwist doesn't like my Hak5 podcast subscription, so I have to hand-jam it onto the device.

This is my first smartphone, but I have had an iPod Touch for over a year now. After jailbreaking it, I was amazed at all the command line goodness offered up by the dev community. A quick trip through the Cydia store had me set up with a terminal emulator, nmap, netcat, different wifi stumblers, openSSH...hell even Midnight Commander was on there (looked like crap on the small screen though, lol).

After rooting my Droid X the other day, I of course hooked myself up with Wifi Tether, Titanium Backup, and some other goodies....but I'm really underwhelmed at the amount of command line tools available. :(

I did get busybox installed (so I don't have to type "busybox <insert utility name here>" everytime), and I'm still exploring some developer forums to see what's been cross-compiled for ARM to run on Android phones, but I'm really craving some of those good old tools, like netcat and nmap (screw the Zenmap GUI in the Android Market, I want the command line, dammit!).

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Doh! Busybox has netcat (nc) in it already. :blink:

Oooooh! And it's the good old traditional one, with the -e remote command execution option! (hate how they took it out of the OpenBSD version of netcat that Ubuntu now comes with)

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