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Monitior Network Traffic


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You can use wireshark to sniff all the traffic in your network. In addition if you have a switch that is capable of port mirroring, it could make your job a lot more easier.

Port Mirroring is used on a network switch to send a copy of network packets seen on one switch port (or an entire VLAN) to a network monitoring connection on another switch port. This is commonly used for network appliances that require monitoring of network traffic, such as an intrusion-detection system. Port mirroring on a Cisco Systems switch is generally referred to as Switched Port Analyzer (SPAN); some other vendors have other names for it, such as Roving Analysis Port (RAP) on 3Com switches.

An example of a SPAN configuration on a Cisco 2950 Switch is below.

Monitor session 1 source interface fastethernet 0/1 , 0/2 , 0/3

Monitor session 1 destination interface fastethernet 0/4 encap ingress vlan 1

The above example mirrors data from ports 0/1, 0/2 and 0/3 to the destination port 0/4 using vlan1 for vlan tagging.

To show the status of a SPAN monitor session use the following command.

show monitor session 1

Where 1 is the session number from the above statement.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Port_mirroring

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see i tried wire-shark but it gives me a error for my wireless card. It wont let me do it.

Interesting user account. I am surprised you were allowed to make it.

Run wireshark as administrator or root depending on what OS you are on.

To see all traffic passing from the router to the internet you would need to setup a computer between the two with ip forwarding enabled and run wireshark there.

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