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Bluesocket Device


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I am at Chesapeake college and they use bluesocket to limmit network usage, execpt they dont give out usernames. The only way onto the network is to logon as a guest using an email usualy something like 2@2.2 works lol.

Recently the admin has gone insane and capped the network down to about 8 KBs per person which is insane considering there are only like a thousand students and the computers on the ethernet can get 46mbit on a good day.

On top of all of this only onw building has any open ports other then 80

here is all I can work with


53/tcp open domain

80/tcp open http

443/tcp open https

5060/tcp closed sip

8080/tcp open http-proxy

I have no vpn or ssh access on this device

any help welcome :D

Sorry about that I would like to find a way to unrestrict my access a little more I cant even upload my web desing homework because the bluesocket blocks blocks ftp, and its the colleges server too lol.

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Sorry could you be a bit more clear on what you want do?

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